Facility Management & Call Center

  • Maintenance Module is dedicated to manage maintenance contracts and budget.
  • Allows management of contracts ( data contract renewals , deadlines, etc. ) organized by categories and subcategories maintenance.
  • There is a document management system to allow you to catalog all contract's documents. This is integrated with Scheduler module to see your due-date on a Calendar (Outlook-like).

  • The Maintenance Module is interfaced with the Call Center Module, which allows the management of ticket request.
  • This module provides automatic notifications for the activation of the supplier for the intervention and the monitoring of the correct progress of the ticket.
  • The module involves the insertion of the request , the selection of the contract and the supplier, the management of the budget, the phases of any authorization for the ticket, the activation of the supplier for the surgery, etc..
  • The application provides for the monitoring of the processing of the request through a management of the progress intuitive and immediate.