Property Management

  • The Property module allows you to structure and manage in a simple, uniform and complete way your building.
  • You will be able to survey and monitor every aspect of your properties, setting up a database that can become the benchmark in its own company , for the consultation of all key management information.
  • The Property Management is the heart of the suite around which you find integratred all the other vertical modules .
  • The Property Management Module provides the ability to perform multiple management for each property : - Census properties and their composition (Unit Economics, Buildings , Plans, Property Units , Unit Locative ) - Management of cadastral data - Management of surfaces ( metric data , surface net , gross , commercial, and their combinations , sqm covered and uncovered) - Plants management
  • Manage your due diligence ( acts of ownership , deeds of authorization , planning instruments ) - Document management , advanced cataloging documents module, hierarchical management of documents, managing deadlines thanks to the connection with the Schedule module.

  • The Property , like any other application module , provides advanced data mining reports , which allow export in real time and in different formats of the information included in the Suite.
  • Access to this module as any other section of the Suite, it is profilable by the customer with simplicity and allows you to create custom profiles running , until the single page access permissions (no display , display-only , editing-mode ).
  • The Schedule module allows you to manage any type of deadline, integrated with the due-date of documents.
  • The Lease Management module is dedicated to let your building and to collect all the information, due-date, invoices, tax, and many other things you need to manage your Tenants.